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hello, I am Shashwat and I am fonder of this website howtext.com I have started this website to help all of you, I write “How To” articles on this website. I always wanted to give the best knowledge to all of you, that’s why I started this website.

Something About Me

Shashwat Mishra
Shashwat Mishra

I am from Prayagraj Utter Pradesh, India, and I am currently in Bca and writing articles for two years and working on this website for one year. I am also running some others websites. if you are able to found them let me know in the comments.


Right now I work on this website with my brother (Sanskar Mishra), but as the website gets bigger we will increase our team, I am also developer and owner of this website

How did HOWTEXT blog start?

Let me tell you, when I have a new mobile phone with internet, then I search a keyword on YouTube which was how to make a website. Then I watched some videos, then I know that there is a programming language that makes a website, Then I learn some programing language and makes some websites in localhost, after that I searched on YouTube how to earn money from website, then I found I can earn Money from the blog website. Then i started blogging and I made some websites, HOWTEXT is the one of them .

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