How To Check Bsnl Number (5 Easy Methods)

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In this post we will tell you how To Check Bsnl Number, it is very important to know your own mobile number, if someone asks you to give your mobile number or your mobile number, then if you don’t remember your BSNL mobile number, So what will you tell. if you have only one SIM, then you can remember its number, but if you have 5-6 SIMs then it is very difficult to remember the BSNL number of all of them, so today we will tell you How To Check Bsnl Number.

How To Check Bsnl Number

So today we will tell you How To Check Bsnl Number. There are two ways to check the BSNL Sim Number. The first way you can find your number by calling any number, but if you do not have a balance in your mobile then you can not find the number by calling that mobile. In such a condition, you can check your BSNL number through the USSD code.

Via USSD (How To Check Bsnl Number)

The number to check is different for different states of India, we are telling you the correct number by which you can Check Bsnl Number, to find out your mobile number, you have all these USSD You can try the code one by one and Check Bsnl Number.

  • Dial * 1 # from your BSNL mobile number.
  • If the above code is not working then dial * 99 # from your BSNL mobile number.
  • If both the above codes are not working, then dial * 222 # from your mobile number.

Now we are giving you the USSD Code to Check Bsnl Number, all these have to dial one by one from the mobile, I hope one of these codes will definitely work for you.

Via TrueBalance App

Friends, we have told you all the code to check Bsnl Number. if for some reason the code is not working in your mobile, then you can know your number through True Balance App, through this application you can check the balance of the mobile, and you can check the offer and also recharge your mobile.

  • First, download and install the True Balance App on your mobile
  • After installing, when you open it, it will ask you for permission to click on Allow.
  • After that you have to select the language, then you will see the option of Go To Settings by clicking on it and turning on the button in front of True Balance.
  • After the permission is turned on, you will have the option to register, but you do not have to register, you have to click on the Skip button.
  • After that, you will see the Check option, top and click on it to select BSNL SIM.
  • After that click on Start Button, wait for some time, the balance of your mobile will be visible to you, and Arrow will appear just above the balance, by clicking that you can check Bsnl Number.

Via Customer Care

The third way to Check Bsnl Number by talking to BSNL customer care and you can also ask for your number.

  • First, call 1503 or 1800-180-1503 number.
  • After that, choose the option to talk to the customer care officer.
  • After connecting with the customer care officer, tell him to give his number
  • Then they will be ask the details related to the SIM card, after confirming the information, they will be told the number.

Via App (How To Check Bsnl Number)

If you have BSNL application installed on your mobile, then you can also Check Bsnl Number from the app, to Check the BSNL number, you have to open the app, after that go to the profile section and you will see your BSNL number, This is a great way, in this way you can get a mobile number in a few seconds.

How To Check Bsnl Number
How To Check Bsnl Number

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All of the USSD codes mentioned above depend on different regions. All this code is for India only. Which are different codes. If there is a problem in checking your own mobile number as mentioned by me. Or USSD Code is not working in your area. or if you have any latest USSD to check Bsnl number. So write USSD Code in the comment with your name below. Thanks guys, “How To Check Bsnl Number? You must have received help from this post. Do not forget to give your views in the comment. Thank You

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