How to delete Instagram account 2021 New Method

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Instagram has become quite popular in the social media race. Today it has more than 1 billion users. So we have brought this post to keep you upto-date in this changing social media world. In which you will learn How to delete Instagram account

But first let’s know about Instagram.

What is Instagram?
Instagram is a social media platform made for sharing exclusive photos. It was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Later in 2012, Facebook bought it for about 7000 crores.

It is a platform like facebook but mainly photos are shared on it. Here you can add your friends, apply status, chat with friends.

We have brought step by step instructions to ease your difficulty. Follow these steps to delete your instagram account.

How to delete Instagram account

Step1 – Open your id and click on the top 3 dots on the right side.

Step2 – Now click on the option of setting below.

Step3 – Open the help option from the settings.

Step4 – Under Help, you will get the option of Help center, click on it. Clicking it will take you to your browser.

Step5– Managing Your Account

Step6– Delete Your Account

Step7 – Clicking on the 2nd option here, the page will open at the bottom, it will be written Delete your account a little below, click on it.

Step8 – You have to login your instagram account.

Step9– After login, you have to choose a reason that you want to delete your account.

Step10 – Now enter your password and click delete.

Step11 – One last time, Instagram will ask you if you want to delete the account.

Step12 – Now Instagram will tell you a date when your id will be deleted. Before this date, if you want, you can login and prevent your account from being deleted.

Your id will be deleted in just a few days. It should be noted here that once deleted, you will not be able to access your id.

So before deleting, save all the required data. So that later you can use that data as well. You have now learned instagram account delete kaise kare